Aria Travel is an online travel and air ticket booking service offering international and domestic flights through hundreds of airlines for a seamless travelling experience!
We are a Tico registered (Registration # 50012157) based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We ensure access to all the international and domestic flights which also guarantees our travel services to be regulated with TICO standards and allows customers to feel confident in booking with us! With decades of experience in the industry, we are committed to ensuring that our customers get to their desired destinations without breaking the bank.

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Aria Travel was founded in 1997, in Toronto, Canada; offering Airline tickets. For over a decade, we have offered airline ticketing services to happy travelers belonging from Europe, Middle East, and North America; and we are continuing to grow with World Wide destination with our Airline Ticketing, Vacation package, Hotel, Car Rental and Travel Insurances.

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Tired of spending hours comparing flight prices? At Aria Travel, we save you time and effort by doing the hard work for you! Our advanced search engine scans multiple airlines, giving you a comprehensive list of options. Whether you're looking for international flights or domestic travel, we've got you covered.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is providing the ultimate care for all of our clients every step of the way! Through a seamless reservation process!

To ensure an easy booking process, we provide the lowest prices for all destinations available by offering numerous travel options tailored for all your specific needs! The vast number of partnerships and negotiations Atlas Travel has with airlines allows us to provide the most competitive prices to all of our customers.

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